Current courses

  • SysID 2016 - System Identification

    2016-2017, 1st semester

    Control Engineering BSc, Faculty of Automation & Computer Engineering, UTCluj, Romania

    The System Identification course for the English line of the Control Engineering BSc at UTCluj. Based on the book by Soderstrom and Stoica, the course introduces nonparametric methods for system identification, as well as parametric methods including prediction error and instrumental variables techniques. It describes the material at an appropriate BSc level, and builds in a self-contained manner the required mathematical background, including statistics and linear regression.

  • CI2017 - Learning Control

    2016-2017, 2nd semester

    Master ICAF, Automation Department, UTCluj, Romania

    A course on Learning Control consisting of eight lectures and four practical classes. The course uses demonstration programs for classical and approximation-based algorithms from the Approximate reinforcement learning toolbox (link points to the Repository section).

Past courses (selection)

Other materials

A kickoff package for Master students starting their final project: Since Matlab software is an important component of most projects, this kickoff package contains guidelines and a template for developing Matlab software, a miniassignment for quickly getting up to speed, and a document with tips on effectively searching for scientific papers. Another assignment focused more on simulation, control, and estimation aspects is available: controlassign.pdf.